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if i write a program in Python and then compile it using any of these compilers:

Gordon McMillan’s installer (cross-platform)

Thomas Heller’s py2exe

(Windows) Anthony Tuininga’s cx_Freeze (cross-platform)

is it as fast as code written in a compiled language?

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These tools are not compilers, they're just packaging python code into an easier to launch application. If you want something more like compilation try (JIT for python) or (which translates Python to C++).

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Note that the former is still an interpreter (a smart one that provides considerable speedups for most code, but still not faster than AOT-compiled C except for carefully constructed benchmarks that have little to do with real programs) and the latter only accepts a small "sufficently static" subset of Python. For that matter, RPython (by the guys behind PyPy, and in fact used for PyPy) does something similar but probably better (they've figured out a really clever approach and had lots of time to improve it - OTOH I'm biased). – delnan Dec 4 '11 at 12:50

For speed, you may also want to look into Cython that allows writing C extensions for Python in a Python-like language.

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