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I just created a Visual Studio 2010 console application project, c#. Then I added a folder named de. Then I added a resx file called myres.resx to the main folder. Then I translated the resx to german and copied this to the de folder and renamed the file to myres.de.resx

Visual studio created the satellite assembly almost correctly. What is wrong is the name of the resource in the satellite assembly. It is Projectname.de.myres.de.resources instead of Projectname.myres.de.resources. How can I remove the superfluous de?

Thanks for any hints.

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For automatically generated code in your project you have a very little power to change the namespace and this usually follows the folder structure of your project.

You can, however, edit your files manually to change the namespace. See this question.

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Thanks a lot. That helped. –  yonexbat Dec 4 '11 at 11:43

Thanks a lot, that helped. I edited Projectname.csproj file:

   <EmbeddedResource Include="de\MyResource.de.resx">    
   <EmbeddedResource Include="MyResource.resx">
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