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I am working on openGL ES2.0 and glsl and I have a question about FBO. I pass two textures on my openGL ES2.0 code and through glsl shader, particularly fragment shader, I subtract two textures and make a binary image, just like opencv treshold function. My question is that I am not sure if I should use Renderbuffer or texture object for my FBO. I have to choose one since I can only use 1 color attachment (due to restriction of openGL ES2.0). Since the output image after my fragment shader will be a binary image (black or white), shouldn't it be Renderbuffer object?

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A texture is a series of images which can be read from (via normal texturing means) and rendered into via FBOs. A renderbuffer is an image that can only be rendered into.

You should use a renderbuffer for images that you will only use as a render target. If you need to sample from it later, you should use a texture.

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