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I'm currently implementing the stereovision with OpenCV. Now I'm using the Stereo_Calib sample to remove the distortion en rectify the image. Removing the distortion works fine.

enter image description here

But when I apply rectification, the image is very warped.

enter image description here

This is the code to rectify the images. The parameters rmap are calculated in the same way as in the Stereo_calib example (see here)

void StereoCalibration::StereoRectify(Mat &imageLeft, Mat &imageRight)
Mat imLeft, imRight;

remap(imageLeft, imLeft,DistLeft.rmap[0], DistLeft.rmap[1], CV_INTER_CUBIC);            
remap(imageRight,imRight, DistRight.rmap[0], DistRight.rmap[1], CV_INTER_CUBIC);

imageLeft = imLeft;
imageRight = imRight;   
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I had the same problem, and I think that the issue was bad chessboard used to calibration or mixing up the maps.

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