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When the user clicks on a button i show a fancybox that indicates that user should wait till the action is completed:

jQuery(document).ready(function () {
             $.fancybox('Please Wait...',{'modal':true});

now i check the requested action via $.post function and return the result message (either action was successful or the error why the action failed) and now i want to close the first fancybox and show the new fancybox with the response i got from ajax:

jQuery(document).ready(function () {

the problem is the second fancybox doesn't show. there are many examples on showing a second fancybox when closing the first one (adding to onClosed attribute) but as in this one i don't want to show the second fanybox after closing the first one, i want to show it when the action is completed.

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You can trigger a second Fancybox any time regardless that there is one already opened (and without closing it first). Just try firing a second Fancybox when the action is completed.

The second Fancybox window (once is triggered) will replace the first one without any further closing command.

I set an example page here that starts Fancybox on page load, then it fires a second Fancybox after 10 seconds.

The first Fancybox closes automatically after the second is fired.


Or maybe you would prefer this version

Open fancybox on a button click, then triggers a second fancybox after 10 seconds (or after a process in the background is completed.)

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Thank you very much for your answer and for the example that you have made. but the problem is, the second fancybox must appear after ajax returns a value and the content the new fancybox shows is the data taken from ajax response. $.fancybox('content1); $.fancybox('content2'); here only the content1 will be shown and the second one is ignored. –  Ashkan Mobayen Khiabani Dec 5 '11 at 1:08
As far as I understood, the first Fancybox is open on button click and the second opens with the value returned from the ajax call, if so I guess you should include - success : function(data) {$.fancybox(data);} - in your ajax call to fire the second fancybox .... I guess you would also need - data : $(this).serializeArray() - for more than a single content field. Check fancybox.net/blog No.5 for examples of how to call fancybox from an ajax call. –  JFK Dec 5 '11 at 1:37
Just wanted to chime in and say I found this answer after getting stumped on a different problem, but with the same solution. I was trying to close one and then open another and it was causing all sorts of errors. Thanks @JFK –  Andrew Bartel Aug 16 '13 at 23:12
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