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Started a new project using Grails RC3 (Windows 7 64 bit Java 1.6)

Installed spring-security-core plugin

Now whenever i do a GRAILS run-app it prompts me to upgrade webxml-1.4 to 1.3.1 over and over again

I use IntelliJ 10.5.3 and the console does not let me type NO so I can't use the IDE to debug.

Possible solutions I see in order of preference - Find a way to skip the plugin upgrade question - Manually modify the spring-security-core config somewhere to depend on webxml 1.4 - Switch to STS to develop (Console works in STS)


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You could try setting the --non-interactive flag, which should skip prompts.

grails run-app --non-interactive

You can manage plugin dependencies in grails by setting this BuildConfig.groovy. See the plugin exclusions section in the User Guide -


Just remember to remove the plugin reference from application.properties

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Finally got it working after flushing the user/grails/project directory in Windows and of course a grails clean. Extra thanks for the application.properties removal notice as IntelliJ adds it automatically. –  Stephane Rainville Dec 5 '11 at 4:40

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