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i tried using this code:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION eno_inc() RETURNS trigger AS $eno_inc$


NEW.eno := OLD.eno + 1;

LANGUAGE plpgsql;

but anytime i run it generates this error: ERROR: record "old" is not assigned yet DETAIL: The tuple structure of a not-yet-assigned record is indeterminate. CONTEXT: PL/pgSQL function "eno_inc" line 4 at assignment

*** Error ***

ERROR: record "old" is not assigned yet SQL state: 55000

P.S i am very new to SQL

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More complex than needed. I think you just want a SERIAL column in your table. – Steve C Dec 4 '11 at 14:59

You are missing a


at the end.

The error

ERROR: record "old" is not assigned yet SQL state: 55000

does show that this MIGHT not be a trigger (OLD and NEW are only used in trigger context). You need to define a trigger for that to work. I suggest you read the docs about trigger functions.

As the comment by Steve C notes, make sure you don't just need a SERIAL (auto-increment in MySQL terms).

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In addition to what @DrColossos already wrote ..

OLD and NEW are only defined in a trigger ON UPDATE. In a trigger on INSERT you would get this error message. In a trigger on DELETE you only have OLD at your disposal.

Also, for a trigger to work you need a trigger function plus a trigger. You may be missing that, too. Start by reading the excellent manual here.

But I suspect your problems are more basic than that. First of all, as @Steve commented, you are probably just looking for a serial column or a sequence and a DEFAULT to your already existing column.

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thanks alot for the suggestions – Mahonix Honix Dec 5 '11 at 11:03

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