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I generated a bundle and set it to use annotations for config files. But I find that in Resources/config/services.xml, its still XML? Perhaps it because I cant configure services using annotations? If so how can I make it use yml if thats the case? I could just add a YML file but I dont suppose it will be detected?

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Your assumption that you can't define a service using Annotations is correct. You need to have either a services.xml or services.yml under Resources/config for the bundle.

Check out the answers to this question, it covers how to define a service using both xml, yml and through a config.yml import.

I've also written an answer here on the basics of defining a service.

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So I need to create an Extension Class just to let symfony know a service.yml is there? I can't just put the config in app/config/config.yml like shown in the docs? – Jiew Meng Dec 4 '11 at 23:50
You can just put the whole service definition into app/config/config.yml or you can import a services.yml file from your bundle into the main config.yml. OR What the Extension class does is stop you from having to do the import services.yml into config.yml manually, instead symfony will be able to autoload it (it's good if your bundle is standalone and you don't want people to have to activate your bundle's services in any way). – Kasheen Dec 5 '11 at 9:39

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