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I just spent half an hour fixing error messages I got from rspec when doing the following:

click_button 'Create Paste'

I tried it with save_and_open_page and the button was definitely there. The error message I got was:

Failure/Error: click_on 'Create Paste'
Invalid id given:`

Turns out that the problem wasn't even related to that click_on call but rather caused a line a bit above:

select @paste.language, :from => 'paste_language'

@paste.language was a symbol and adding .to_s fixed the problem.

I am new to Ruby, Rails, Capybara, RSpec and that whole stack so this might be obvious but isn't this something that should have been caught earlier? If so I might file a bug report, but I just want to make sure first.

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From the documentation: "The select box can be found via its name, id or label text".

So you need text, i.e. string, and not a symbol. If you want the method to accept symbol (which makes sense), discuss it with the capybara's author (set up an issue on the project's gihub page) and send him a pull request.

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He is talking about error messages if I get it right. –  Art Shayderov Dec 4 '11 at 21:36

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