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So I have a list of events (objects). I want to make it so that when you click an event title, additional information will enfold for that event. But if I write it like this, it won't interact with the controller servlet which gives the list of events, it will just go to the EventsOverview.jsp page directly with parameter event=ID. The list of events will be null.

List<Event> eventList = (List<Event>) request.getAttribute("eventList");
<a href="EventsOverview.jsp?event=<%=e.getID()%>"> <%= e.getTitle() %> </a>
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Just replace the URL to the JSP by the URL to the servlet. Assuming that the servlet is in web.xml mapped on


or has the new Servlet 3.0 @WebServlet("/EventsOverview") annotation, then you need to replace the link as follows:

<a href="EventsOverview?event=<%=e.getID()%>"> <%= e.getTitle() %> </a>

Or, if you adhere the modern (well, almost 10 years old already; make sure that you're reading the proper and up to date books/tutorials) JSP 2.0 way of writing the views:

<a href="EventsOverview?event=${e.id}"><c:out value="${e.title}" /></a>

Either way, the servlet's doGet() will be called, wherein you can just do the preprocessing job and dispatch the request to the desired JSP to present the results in HTML.

See also:

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