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Maybe this will be a stupid question, but I do not normally program on Windows, but on Linux. I used Mingw 4.6 gfortran in Windows Vista 32bit to compile a DLL which is a plugin to X-Plane flight simulator. I had however with Error code 126: Specified module not found. Now when I linked it using -static it works, eventhough I moved the dll's I assumed to be relevant to the folder of the plugin, and they are also in PATH. The import table of the DLL was:


(this one comes from the game)

the new working DLL has import table:


The two libraries that makes the difference were copied to the folder with the plugin, whit no success. They are also in PATH. Do you know any solution? This way the DLL is quite large, eventhough it can be distributed easier in the future.

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Try also adding libquadmath-0.dll. I think libgfortran requires it.

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Thanks for the importrant hint, I must also check the dependencies of the mingw and gfortran dlls themselves! I will try that in the evening. – Vladimir F Dec 22 '11 at 13:11

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