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My application is in ASP.NET.I want to use linq in C# to manipulate data in oracle

through entities . I have been using ODAC( . i dont know how to connect linq

to entities . while i was playing some article i got some exception.

i need some help to do this.


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My application is in ASP.NET

As reölevant as what you were eating for lunch. Really. C# is the language , ASP.NET the technology to generate the output but hey - your question is not about the output, it is about how you get to the backend database.

I have been using ODAC(

Crappy drivers, aren't they ;) You are aware of the number of critical bugs in there ;)? I have been fighting memory leaks in that driver for weeks.

i dont know how to connect linq to entities

You mean entity framework? Hm, you did install the Oracle extensions to visual studio?

You need drivers that are not normally installed. Check:

To my knowledge there is only (!) a beta of entity framework.

while i was playing some article i got some exception

Let me check my coffe cup whether I can make sense out of that with it. No, sorry. I dont know which article you refer to now what error you got. Not my fault, though.

Start reading documentation at Note that entity framework & linq are beta level ;) Have fun with that.

Now, if you have a SPECIFIC problem, then you know, we gladly help. It requires you do to YOUR side of the work, though, which means comiuiung up with an error description. Not "lazy here, please help" or "clueless here, something goes wrong, please help", but a real error description what exactly you try to do and what errors you get. "I got some exception" means you are lazy - too lazy to write down WHAT (!) exception. I am 90% sure it tells you exactly what goes wrong.

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