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Our style guide says (for whatever reason that isn't important to this question) no space between the type and the * in selector definitions.

I.e., this is bad:

- (void)foo:(Foo *)foo { 

...and this is good:

- (void)foo:(Foo*)foo {

Is there a way to tell XCode's auto-complete to stop doing the bad thing and do the good thing?

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Ideally I'd like an XCode-based solution, but the answer may be that XCode just doesn't let you do this. – i_am_jorf Jan 10 '12 at 23:46

Here is a post about code formatting in XCode:

I believe that the sp_before_ptr_star=add line in the config file ( is just the opposite to what you want to do, so probably it should be sp_before_ptr_star=remove.

But I guess this is something to be done AFTER the code has been auto-completed.

Check this comment also:, there is a script you might want to use.

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may not be the best answer but you could opt to use this IDE


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The answer is: you can't without using some 3rd party software or script.

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