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Has anyone had any luck setting up the Memcached client libraries on PHP 5.4RC2?

I have the Memcached daemon installed just fine, and can install various versions of libmemcached, but every time I try to install pecl-memcached or what-have-you, I get just so many make errors.

Am I too far ahead of the curve here? Has nobody gotten Memcached working yet for PHP 5.4? Google has been no help so far.

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What errors are you getting? – Nanne Dec 4 '11 at 20:13
Depends on what version of libmemcached I have installed and what version of pecl-memcached I'm trying to install, and there's so many combinations. Sadly, I don't have them handy. But the latest round have been tons of uncleclared things, like "'MEMCACHED_BUFFERED' undeclared" and such. – Dan Hulton Dec 4 '11 at 20:21
If you upgraded from a pre 5 version, you might just be seeing the warnings that are new in php 5. Try setting your error level a bit differently, or even (just for testing!) to 0. – Nanne Dec 4 '11 at 20:31
libmemcached 0.31 + php 5.40rc2 + pecl memcache 3.0.6 works for me. If you have it running on previous php versions you should fill bug report at including complete install log. – dev-null-dweller Dec 4 '11 at 22:14
@DanHulton I think it's only fair to offer a little if you want something in return. Adding some more info to your question will hopefully help other people later when/if they have similar problems and find this question. – James Butler Dec 4 '11 at 23:42

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