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I have a web page that is, ultimately, a bunch of jquery-ui dialogs, all 30% screen width, in three columns, each containing dashboard information of a different sort.

I load the data into divs, and on the $(document).ready() function, I create the dialogs, and arrange them on top of each other in various columns, depending on the type of data the div is displaying.

I use a variation of this code for each div (I plan on making this cleaner when I get it working right, so please forgive its redundancy). First I create the dialog if it contains data:

//show recent posts if they exist below the account requests
if($('#recentPosts').html().length > 0){
        title: 'Recent Forum Messages',
        height: 320
    .parent().addClass('cfdialog').attr('id', 'recentPostsDialog');
} else {
    $('#recentPosts').addClass('cfdialog').attr('id', 'recentPostsDialog');

... this is necessary, because I need to be able to grab the entire dialog box (I don't understand why there's no mechanism to easily assign an ID to a dialog div); after all my dialogs are created, I do something like this:

//now that the dialogs are set up, position them.
var leftContent = $('#columnTop');
var centerContent = $('#columnTop');
var rightContent = $('#columnTop');

.css('width', '30%')
.css('height', 'auto')
.css('max-height', '400');


    my: 'center top',
    at: 'center bottom',
    of: centerContent,
    offset: '0 5'
if ($('#recentPostsDialog').html().length > 0){
    centerContent = $('#recentPostsDialog');

This will display the posts in a dialog box just as I'd like in FireFox and IE. For Chrome, however, the dialogs pop up about 30 pixels and interfere with my menu items.

I've read quite a few thing on SO and the jquery forums suggesting this is due to the way webkit calculated offsets, and someone posted a patch fix, but it does not seem to work in this situation.

Can someone clue me in on how to get around the problem for webkit-based browsers?

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are you sure dialogs is the right solution for this? –  Ilia G Dec 4 '11 at 20:27
To be honest, no, I don't think it is, but I also don't think it's my problem in this case. –  Jeremy Holovacs Dec 4 '11 at 20:28
It kinda is. You are trying to align absolutely positioned divs (which would be attached at the bottom of the body) over some other elements. That even sounds wrong and produces exactly the kind of issues I would expect it to. If you are trying to create widgets with collapse/close button, then dialog is really not the right way to go. You probably need something draggable, but physically positioned inside your columns. –  Ilia G Dec 4 '11 at 20:32
This is focused on the .position() function, which effectively absolutely positions a div as well. And it works swimmingly in Firefox and IE. Regardless of the widget style I use, this behavior is repeatable, reproducible, and there's a lot of people complaining about it; I am just looking for a workaround, and frankly I'm not positioned to rip out the dialog infrastructure and replace it with something else at this point. –  Jeremy Holovacs Dec 4 '11 at 20:38
Try setting the position of the of element to relative, if it is not already relative or absolute. Other than that, you may have have to branch browser-dependent code or complain to google. –  Ilia G Dec 4 '11 at 20:54

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It would seem there is no easy answer. I ended up testing for jQuery.browser.safari and if true, manually offset the divs. :(

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