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i have been browsing the jQuery webpage for cool ways to create a webpage-portefolio and am looking for cool ways to show of my work on my webpage. Please give me some examples of this, so I can make the best possible experience of my website :)

I will update this post as I get good tips for good techniques for showing of your work creativily :)

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Not programming related and not really a question. –  The Pixel Developer May 8 '09 at 1:33

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Make a page like ASP.NET's AJAX Control Toolkit (here). -- Just create a bunch of links to demonstrate each functionality you wish to show off.

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Best way is to show the screenshot of the website. And elaborate what you did for the website, like "I increased the traffic by 10%"

If you're in the design industry, try to design your own portfolio. Show off your talent by designing your own. Be unique, so that websites like SmashingMagazine can identify you and not label you as copycat.

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I think jQuery Isotope could be used to make a nice portfolio - http://isotope.metafizzy.co/. It could be used as a backbone and styled up. As rymn (above) said, 'be unique'.

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