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chaining appendTo to the animate is not working? Meaning the left margin never moves over to margin 0 from margin 600px?

    $(data).filter('.test1Div').appendTo("#tes1Section").animate({"left": + slideLeft},"slow");

I can see the data get inserted into the #test1Section because I manually move the test1Section div over..

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SSCCE please. Simply not enough information to go on right now. Perhaps make a minimal example on jsfiddle.net. –  Matt Ball Dec 4 '11 at 22:19

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For some reason you need to append the element after the animation is started, like so:

$(data).filter('.test1Div').animate({left: slideLeft},"slow").appendTo("#tes1Section");

Pay notice to how the animate function is written, and do as landons said, make sure you have your elements names correct.

Edit: Just noticed that you are writing "left margin", but you do know that you are currently animating the css "left" property, and not the css "marginLeft" property?

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Looks like you're missing a "t" in appendTo('#tes*t*1Section'). Beyond that, make sure your test1Div has a position of relative or absolute.

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