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I have a tiny rake task which just sticks a new delayed job into the queue. I've inserted a debug line

desc 'Start processing new rss feed articles'
    task :process_new_articles => :environment do
    config = RSS_CONFIG
    feeds = config['rss_feeds']

    puts Article.all

    feeds.each do |feed|
       Delayed::Job.enqueue, config['settings'])

It seems to be loading the config info correctly. But I'm getting a "uninitialized constant Article" error upon running the task. Article is a MongoMapper model. I've verified the connection to the database (on MongoLab) works fine.

This all works great locally.


What is even more bizarre is that referencing Article.all using "heroku run console" works just fine.


The stack trace doesn't show much:

2011-12-04T22:33:02+00:00 app[start.1]: rake aborted!
2011-12-04T22:33:02+00:00 app[start.1]: uninitialized constant Article
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Can you show the stack trace? –  house9 Dec 4 '11 at 22:49

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Found the problem and it is totally weird.

I had accidentally named my Article model file, "Article.rb" with a capital A. This caused Heroku to not pick up on it upon running "rake environment".

Strange and most likely a bug?

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