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Good day everyone. I have a question concerning ggobi and rggobi package. I am using R version 2.13.2 and Ubuntu 11.04. I am new to ggobi and I'm reading the book Interactive and Dynamic Graphics for Data Analysis. The book was published 2007.

My question is: how can I export a graph for rggobi to pdf to include it in latex. For example: I have lots of variables in ggobi and I need to export the ggplot like scatterplot of any two variables or parallel cordinates graph to a pdf. So far I've read that the authors suggests to solve it like this:

d <- dd_load("fig.R")


p <- ggplot(d)

which produces nice graphics which you can use with pdf() function. But neither the DescribeDisplay package, nor ggplot are available in 2.13.2.

I browsed the web for solution, but I found only that ggobi_display_save_picture() could be useful for image graphs but not for pdf. I also tried save display description (tools->save display description) and then plotting it with qplot() or plot(). But all I get is a blank screen while ggobi_display_save_picture() gives a good picture. There is probably a much easier solution since R is changing and becoming more convenient to use.

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Cross-posting to Rhelp is deprecated (perhaps not officially on SO but certainly on Rhelp). Also there is a dedicated mailing list for GGobi: ggobi@googlegroups.com . You also seem to think that ggplot and ggobi are connected. They are not. –  BondedDust Dec 5 '11 at 4:58

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