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Currently I have an ajax app that checks the server for updates every 10 seconds or so using setInterval(...). This seems like a resource intensive way of doing this. Is there are a more efficient way of getting updates from the server in real time?

Specifically I'm doing the above for a logging system. I have my 'logs' page open on my second monitor for a CMS I'm developing. Every 10 seconds the page checks the server for any new log entries. This allows me to see whats going on in semi-real time as I'm developing.

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There is the websockets API, but it is not supported on all browsers. The latest draft is supported by Chrome 14, Firefox 7 and Internet Explorer 10. If this is for development only, and you use on of those browsers, that shouldn't be a problem.

This API will allow the server to contact the client as well as the other way around, so no polling needed anymore. See also the Wikipedia page for an introduction.

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