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How can I simulate this vhdl code on ISim 12.3? I know it works because I downloaded to the FPGA but I cannot see a good simulation.

Thanks in advance and sorry if it's too basic but I'm very new to this.

library IEEE;
use work.packageFlipFlop.all;
use work.packageUtilities.all;

entity contadorFlipFlopD is
    Port ( CLK : in  STD_LOGIC;
           E : in  STD_LOGIC;
              CLEAR: in STD_LOGIC;
           S : out  STD_LOGIC_VECTOR (3 downto 0)
end contadorFlipFlopD;

architecture Behavioral of contadorFlipFlopD is
    signal dEFFD, dSFFD, aux: std_logic_vector(3 downto 0) := (others=>'0');
    --signal CLKslow: std_logic;

    aux(0) <= E;
    aux(1) <= aux(0) AND dSFFD(0);
    aux(2) <= aux(0) AND dSFFD(0);
    aux(3) <= aux(0) AND dSFFD(0);

    dEFFD(0) <= aux(0) XOR dSFFD(0);
    dEFFD(1) <= aux(1) XOR dSFFD(1);
    dEFFD(2) <= aux(2) XOR dSFFD(2);
    dEFFD(3) <= aux(3) XOR dSFFD(3);

    --dF0: divisorFrecuencia PORT MAP(CLK, CLEAR, CLKslow);

    ffD0: flipFlopD PORT MAP( dEFFD(0), CLK, dSFFD(0) );
    ffD1: flipFlopD PORT MAP( dEFFD(1), CLK, dSFFD(1) );
    ffD2: flipFlopD PORT MAP( dEFFD(2), CLK, dSFFD(2) );
    ffD3: flipFlopD PORT MAP( dEFFD(3), CLK, dSFFD(3) );

    S <= dSFFD;

end Behavioral;

library IEEE;

entity flipFlopD is
    Port ( D, CLK : in  STD_LOGIC;
           Q : out  STD_LOGIC);
end flipFlopD;

architecture a_flipFlopD of flipFlopD is

    process (CLK)
        if (clk'event AND clk = '1') then
            Q <= D;
        end if;
    end process;
end a_flipFlopD;

this is what my testbench looks like

USE ieee.std_logic_1164.ALL;

END test;

ARCHITECTURE behavior OF test IS 

    -- Component Declaration for the Unit Under Test (UUT)

    COMPONENT contadorFlipFlopD
         CLK : IN  std_logic;
         E : IN  std_logic;
         CLEAR : IN  std_logic;
         S : OUT  std_logic_vector(3 downto 0)

   signal CLK : std_logic := '0';
   signal E : std_logic := '1';
   signal CLEAR : std_logic := '0';

   signal S : std_logic_vector(3 downto 0);

    signal dEFFD, dSFFD, aux: std_logic_vector(3 downto 0) := "0000";
    signal CLKslow: std_logic := '0';

   -- Clock period definitions
   constant CLK_period : time := 20 ns;


    -- Instantiate the Unit Under Test (UUT)
   uut: contadorFlipFlopD PORT MAP (
          CLK => CLK,
          E => E,
          CLEAR => CLEAR,
          S => S

   -- Clock process definitions
   CLK_process :process
        CLK <= '0';
        wait for CLK_period/2;
        CLK <= '1';
        wait for CLK_period/2;
   end process;

   -- Stimulus process
   stim_proc: process
      -- hold reset state for 100 ns.
      wait for 100 ns;  

      wait for CLK_period*10;

      -- insert stimulus here 

   end process;

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Can you tell us more about how the simulation isn't what you expect? Can't compile? Can't see waveforms? Waveforms aren't what you expect? What does your testbench code look like? – Martin Thompson Dec 5 '11 at 9:37
Yes. When I open ISim without making a testbench (I don't understand testbenchs) I force clock and force constant on CLK, and Reset respectively but in my output S always I get "UUUU". – BRabbit27 Dec 5 '11 at 20:49

You need a testbench to stimulate your design and capture the waveforms.

Something like this

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I've follow your testbench but still getting "UUUU" in output. – BRabbit27 Dec 5 '11 at 22:31

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