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Lets say I'm inside of multiple mapcar functions and I've found the successful terminating condition. I want to stop the execution of the rest of the code.

In java, I can do System.exit(0);

Does lisp have something similar?

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The equivalent of System.exit() doesn't really make sense in a REPL-oriented environment like Lisp; it may exist, but it won't, say, make your function return a value.

(return-from) may do what you're looking for if your code is structured appropriately.

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That's good enough from what i'm doing. I was inside a function with a double-nested mapcar with a lambda in each. By mentioning the name of the enclosing function, this did the trick. – LazyCubicleMonkey Dec 5 '11 at 0:05

MAPCARis not useful for iterating over data and exiting when a successful terminating condition is found.

Common Lisp provides MAPC, which is like MAPCAR, but does not accumulate the results. See also the function MAP.

Additionally Common Lisp provides numerous functions like FIND, FIND-IF, FIND-IF-NOT, ...

For flow control Common Lisp has RETURN, RETURN-FROM, CATCHand THROW and many others.

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It's probably not the appropriate solution in this case (use Dougal's answer for returning from nested loops/calls), but for completeness, the literal equivalent of System.exit(0); would be something like Portable Exit.

As you can see, it's completely different across implementations, because it's not part of the standard.

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