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I have a hundred small image view outlets and when I switch UIViewcontrollers on a storyboard and then come back to the original UIViewcontroller, the images start to flicker/disappear and eventually the iPad will do a hard reboot. But this flickering only happens after the UIViewcontrollers switch several times.

The app does not crash and does not report any errors. However, once the app is put into the background and the app is reopened, the flickering stops and appears to be fixed. If the flickering goes on long enough, the iPad will restart. There is no low memory warning, so I do not believe it is a memory issue. The app has ARC enabled. Has anyone else ran into an issue similar to this?

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I would file a bug with Apple about the iPad rebooting... that's an OS-level bug. To fix your problem, though, have you tried using "Clean" then "Analyze" from the Product menu? Analyze often turns up memory allocation errors. –  samkass Dec 5 '11 at 1:38
@samkass I tried Clean and then Analyze but no errors appeared. I have broken the app down to the essentials to just switching views and the same error happens. Thanks for the response. –  TigerSand Dec 5 '11 at 2:40

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