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I'm having trouble properly escaping calls to the shell from within Python, using the os.system command. I'm trying to do the equivalent of:

$ cat test | sort --stable -t $'\t' -k1,1

from within Python, passing that to the shell.

I tried:

import os
cmd = "cat %s | sort --stable -t $'\\t' -k1,1" %("test")

but I get the error:

sort: multi-character tab `$\\t'

although it works correctly from the shell. I tried to escape the \t by adding an extra slash in Python, but I must be missing something else. Any idea how this can be fixed?


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you can pass the filename as an arg to sort, and skip the cat file |. Good luck. – shellter Dec 5 '11 at 2:12
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os.system doesn't execute commands in a normal bash environment like you would expect. You can work around it by simply calling bash yourself:

import os
cmd = """/bin/bash -c "cat %s | sort --stable -t $'\t' -k1,1" """ % "test"

But you should be aware that os.system has been marked as deprecated, and will be removed in future versions of python. You can future-proof your code by using subprocess's convenience method call that mimics os.system's behavior:

import subprocess
cmd = """/bin/bash -c "cat %s | sort --stable -t $'\t' -k1,1" """ % "test", shell=True)

There are more ways to make that call with the subprocess module if you are interested:

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First, you should avoid useless-use-of-cat:

Secondly, are you sure that your sort command not understand backslash-t? This should work:

sort --stable -t'\t' -k1,1 test

It should also work just fine from Python:

os.system("sort --stable -t'\\t' -k1,1 test")
# or
os.system(r"sort --stable -t'\t' -k1,1 test")

Finally, if you switch to subprocess (recommended), avoid using shell=True:["sort", "--stable", "-t\t", "-k1,1", "test"])
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