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        sticky: true,
        positionBy: 'auto',
        closePosition: 'top',
        closeText: '',
        activation: 'click'

Straight to the point: when i click to activate popup windows, it's always at the right handside of where i click, even when there is not enough space. So for those it only shows some part to the cluetip as the rest is getting cutt off by browser window??

I am totally new to php and cluetip...

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Hmmm... no answer yet either on stackoverflow that impossible.....i must have ask really dumb question ??? – Shahbaz Dec 7 '11 at 2:08

About the only thing that can be done, by the looks of things, is use the positionBy parameter. But it doesn't work really in determining if the tip is cutoff, I have tried many cases myself.

The options are auto, mouse, bottomTop, fixed, but none of them work really, they all get cut off.

The only solution I found myself was to use fixed and set top and left manually and always have it in the same place.

        positionBy: 'fixed',
        topOffset: 200,
        leftOffset: 100

Unfortunately though you are stuck at that place holder. I guess you could take the action and to each thing that calls a cluetip call a wait segment of 1 second then re-position the cluetip window using jQuery.

This would be in an onHover event set off by the thing that calls the cluetip separately. But that's about it. I have tested this myself on FF and Chrome and in both it cuts off.

In the onHover event you can always use another jQuery plugin that waits for an element to exist then re-position, what you can do is in each element have your own attr that has the new position, or just call the elements left and top position using jQuery and move the Cluetip window to that +20 in each direction.

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