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I will soon be releasing an Android app from which I think there is the potential to sell a certain type of product. I had the idea to try out the Amazon Associates referral program.

I tried to sign up, but I have to provide details for my website, which I don't have. The app itself would drive all the traffic to Amazon. There is an API for the Amazon Associates program, but everything seems to be based on implementing the referrals from a web page, not an app.

Has anyone gotten Amazon referrals to work from within an Android app? I am using PhoneGap, so I could use JavaScript. There is a node.js implementation on the Amazon Associates site, but again, this looks to be website based.

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This question appears to be off-topic because it is about Amazon policies, not programming. – Bill the Lizard Dec 19 '14 at 23:29
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I have been researching the same question and while the answer is not official it seems so far the answer is NO:

From the operating agreement: "You will not, without our express prior written approval, use any Content or Special Link, or otherwise link to the Amazon Site, on or in connection with any site or application designed or intended for use with a mobile phone or other handheld device, or any television set-top box (e.g., digital video recorders, cable or satellite boxes, streaming video players, blu-ray players, or dvd players) or Internet-enabled television (e.g., GoogleTV, Sony Bravia, Panasonic Viera Cast, or Vizio Internet Apps).”

In addition I was thinking about just recommending other apps - not possible either:

• any product, including games and other applications, sold through the Amazon Appstore for Android;

I have sent email to Amazon asking for the "prior written approval" but no response after 14 days and I don't expect any...

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Weird. Not sure why they wouldn't want more traffic. – Doctuh D. Dec 28 '11 at 1:36

Yes, this is an old question BUT This is a rather new service from Amazon which is exactly what you are looking for: Amazon Mobile Associates API

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