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I have a directory structure of package/bin and package/lib, where package/lib contains jar files and package/bin should contain some scripts.

I am interested in writing scripts in package/bin that basically run java classes from lib/. These scripts should be runnable from any directory, not necessarily package/, package/bin/ or package/lib.

This means that the script in package/bin, let's call it 'run.sh' should do something like:

  1. identify the directory from which run.sh script is running.
  2. strip off the directory so that we end up with package/
  3. add bin/ to it
  4. run the necessary java classes with this deduced directory.

What would be the best way to follow steps 1-3? I would like it to be almost platform-independent, so that at the very least it would work on all Unix systems and OSX. I want to avoid using perl (I could easily write this in perl), and instead opt for a shell script.


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see stackoverflow.com/questions/59895/… to get past steps 1 & 2 — if you're on a system with Gnu Bash, at least. (Put #!/bin/bash ) — not as portable to other POSIX Bourne shells, though, so might limit you to OSX and Linux, but not necessarily all Unix (POSIX) systems. –  BRPocock Dec 5 '11 at 19:43
thanks for the link. –  kloop Dec 7 '11 at 0:13

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Along the BASH lines....

my_package_path=$(dirname `dirname $0` )

$0 gives you the path to the script you are running dirname $0 gives you the path to the folder your script is in

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