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My Requirement : To Add validation to make sure that SITEMAP_URL keyword is always included in search_engines.url and it should be of format http://www.example.com/

class SearchEngine < ActiveRecord::Base

  validates :name, :ping_url, :uniqueness => true, :presence => true
  validates :ping_url, :format => {:with => /\=SITEMAP_URL$/}, :presence => true


Is the validation i have written is correct .

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The validation looks fine.

Except if you expect /\=SITEMAP_URL$/ to interpolate it won't.

It will only match strings like;

  • "http://some.com?q=SITEMAP_URL"

Is that really what you mean?

If you have

SITEMAP_URL = "/sitemap.xml"

Then you can say


But this will interpret the "." as any character.

So you need to use Regexp.escape

Pretty much


Should do what you want.

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