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When using

hg log --template "{date|isodate} --- {rev}:{node|short} --- ... "

2011-10-07 19:25 -0400 --- 1:c608cbb9aaa3 --- ... 

what is the easiest way to strip the timezone (-0400) part out? I just want the date and time in the above format without the timezone.

"..." are the rest of the template/log message. Pay no attention to them.

Also, what is generally the best way to go about when one wants to modify the log output text a bit further?

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None of the template filter (shortdate, isodate, rfcdate,... full list here) proposes the kind of output your are after.

So some kind of output filtering must be involved (awk, sed, cut, ...), like (not tested)

hg log --template "{date|isodate} --- {rev}:{node|short} --- ... " |  sed 's/-[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9] //g')
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