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it is simple enough as an idea but i never tried it and attempted with the following code:

  <frameset cols="30%,70%">
  <frame src="" name="frame1">
  <frame src="" name="frame2">

example what am trying to load is and in one page in two different frames. Any idea how? Thanks,

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Do not forget to mark answer as accpeted if it work for you – Pranay Rana Dec 8 '11 at 5:00

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use iframes!

<iframe src="url" alt="circa1990browser" />
<iframe src="url2" alt="circa1990browser" />

but i agree with the poster below. what you posted is technically correct and should work, as far as i know...

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Thats its its will work for there any error in that ? Accorcing to me this will work fine.

Check this W3C site for more details : Frames

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Quite an old question, but I believe I have the answer for you.

I believe google and yahoo have some sort of JavaScript running on their pages that detects whether they are being loaded in a frame, and if so, do not display any content.

In other words, your code is technically valid, but Yahoo and Google are explicitly preventing this action.

See this JSfiddle example. The Yahoo and Google frames do not work, but the Craigslist one does.

(Note that I used iframes rather than a frameset, but the end result will be the same.)

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