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I have integrated AddThis SDK with my application, to share content which is always a simple string. I am using the following code:

[AddThisSDK showAddThisButtonInView:self.view
    withFrame:CGRectMake(90, 376, 147, 53)
    description:@"code i have scanned"];

But I actually only need to share the string content, and have no need to pass any URL. When I set nil for the value of forUrl it doesn't share anything. How can I share a string using this SDK, without having to specify a URL?


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I have used the AddThis sharing to twitter, and to prevent the URL being shown I passed the URL as just http:// as shown below. This may solve your problem.

[AddThisSDK shareURL:@"http://" withService:@"twitter" title:@"MyTitle" description:@"MyDescription"];
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Not working with @"facebook" – Chintan Nov 8 '12 at 4:10

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