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I would like to know the specs for the maven repository structure.

I know I could use archiva or nexus to create a repository. I am not interested in those information.

I have tried searching apache's maven website and google with the phrase "maven artifact repository structure specs", and I mostly get the development directory structure expected on the maven client.

I would like someone to explain the structure here or point me to a comprehensive single document (i.e. one that does not explain the directory structure by making me follow a never ending trail of links) that explains for example,

  • How to create a simple maven repository using a static file system directory, deployed to apache http server.
  • or how to create a directory structure on googlecode that would appear as a maven repository.
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Here is the specification (long overdue for documenting in Maven itself):

That said, I wouldn't refer to that for creating the repository in the way you've described. The best thing to do is to use mvn deploy:deploy-file with appropriate parameters to upload the files that you want to, as it can write appropriate metadata and structure for you. This can be done to a filesystem location and synced to the location you want to.

Another alternative is to run a repository manager, like Archiva, and upload using the web interface until you are happy, then sync the directory structure to the location that you want to.

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