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What are the query browsers for DB2 e.g Database Administrator(Data Studio), Toad for DB2 etc? I worked with them but are there more ?

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You can find a list of browsers in Wikipedia:


and look at "Other" column. You will see which tools work with DB2.

The popular ones are:


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I find DbVisualizer to be outstanding even when compared to many native tools.

DbVisualizer Features

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I recommend the IBM data studio among the free tools. It lets you

  • Manipulate(Create , modify, execute) stored procedures
  • See explain plans - run performance analysis
  • Let you open unlimited connections which some of the free tools doesn't let you.

Also, it's based on eclipse framework, so if you are already using eclipse its almost a breeze to learn. Toad freeware is also cool, however the freeware has a licensing limitation of max 5 per enterprise.

Also, check the latest IBM data studio download

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