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enter image description here

Hi i have a table structure as above image and i need to take count of several columns into a one single column such as


count of these columns to a single column Named (Column1) like wise

The Final output should be as:

ID | Column1 | Column2

Any Ideas ?

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Do you want to do like @chris said or do you need some dynamic code? If so, the total number of columns is a multiple of 4? – aF. Dec 5 '11 at 9:23
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select id
     , sum(octSecAndthrd1 + octSecAndthrd2 + octSecAndthrd3 + octSecAndthrd4) col1
     , sum(octSecAndthrd5 + octSecAndthrd6 + octSecAndthrd7 + octSecAndthrd8) col2
  from ...
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