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Warning: library class android.webkit.WebView depends on program class android.webkit.WebViewClient   
Warning: there were 1 instances of library classes depending on program classes.   
       You must avoid such dependencies, since the program classes will   
        be processed, while the library classes will remain unchanged.   
 java.io.IOException: Please correct the above warnings first.   
    at proguard.Initializer.execute(Initializer.java:308)   
at proguard.ProGuard.initialize(ProGuard.java:210)   
at proguard.ProGuard.execute(ProGuard.java:85)   
at proguard.ProGuard.main(ProGuard.java:499)

Can anyone specify the complete procedure to proguard my application.

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This warning is described here:

ProGuard manual > Troubleshooting > Warning: library class ... depends on program class ...

A complete configuration for Android is provided here:

ProGuard manual > Examples > A complete Android application

However, the easiest way is probably the build process of the Android SDK, which includes ProGuard:

Android SDK Dev Guide > Tools > ProGuard

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These links no longer work. –  eipipuz Apr 8 '14 at 0:48

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