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Recently I found httpclient has 2 different errors to visit 2 home pages, but everything works fine without proxy.

When visit http://www.baidu.com, I get:

org.apache.http.NoHttpResponseException: The target server failed to respond at org.apache.http.impl.conn.DefaultResponseParser.parseHead(DefaultResponseParser.java:101) at org.apache.http.impl.io.AbstractMessageParser.parse(AbstractMessageParser.java:252)


When visit http://www.hao123.com, I get

http 400 error

While add / to the end of url, it will be all right again. Why?

I use httpclient 4.1.2, and the invoke code is:

httpclient.getParams().setBooleanParameter(ClientPNames.HANDLE_AUTHENTICATION, true);
CredentialsProvider credsProvider = new BasicCredentialsProvider();
UsernamePasswordCredentials userPass = new UsernamePasswordCredentials(proxy.getUserName(), proxy.getPassword()); 
credsProvider.setCredentials(new AuthScope(AuthScope.ANY_HOST, AuthScope.ANY_PORT), userPass);  
((DefaultHttpClient) httpclient).setCredentialsProvider(credsProvider);
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What kind of proxy are you using? –  Stephen C Dec 5 '11 at 7:31
I have added the invoke code, and the httpclient version is 4.1.2 –  passover Dec 5 '11 at 8:55

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