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I have a list, it's already sorted in alphabetical order. I'd like to break it into sections corresponding with the letter is starts with, like so:


  • aListItem1
  • aListItem2
  • aListItem3


  • bListItem1
  • bListItem2
  • bListItem3


  • cListItem1
  • cListItem2
  • cListItem3


I could do something like:

foreach item in list if item startsWith A ... do something if item startsWith B ... do something if item startsWith C ... do something


but is there a more concise way to do this?

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i guess you doin' in right way. –  FosterZ Dec 5 '11 at 6:47

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Just keep track of the current first letter as you go:

char first = '\0';
foreach(string item in list){
     if(item[0] != first){
         first = item[0];

     Console.WriteLine("  *  " + item);
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Thanks, your solution was the best one since I could adapt it to support the IEnumerable<dynamic> collection I was iterating through. The LINQ methods weren't working with the dynamic objects. Thanks! –  Chaddeus Dec 5 '11 at 23:23

You can use the Linq GroupBy method to create your sections:

foreach (var group in list.GroupBy(i => i[0]))
   Console.WriteLine("Section: " + group.Key);

   foreach (var elt in group)
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var list = new List<string>() {"a1", "a2", "b1", "b2"};
var grouped = from item in list
              group item by item.First() into g
              select new {StartsWith = g.Key, Items = g};
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