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I'm using the MongoDB Java driver, and can't seem to get a query to work. I have a collection named "Questions", which has entries that look like:

    "question"  : "how are you",
    "category"  : "personal",
    "processed" : false,
    "training"  : true

When running the Mongo command line client, the query



db.questions.find({"processed" : false, "training" : true})

results are returned as expected; however, my java code does the following:

DBObject queryObj = new BasicDBObject();
queryObj.put("processed", false);
queryObj.put("training",   isTrain);

DBObject updateObj = new BasicDBObject();
queryObj.put("processed", true);

DBCursor cursor = mongoCollection.find(queryObj).limit(NUM_TO_LOAD);
mongoCollection.update(queryObj, updateObj);

and the cursor that is returned to me is empty/the update doesn't make any changes. If I remove the queryObj argument from the call to find, results are once again returned as expected. Am I doing something wrong here?

Chris Covert

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looks like, you used the wrong variable on line 6. Shouldn't it be updateObj, instead of queryObj?

Hope isTrain is a boolean, and got correctly initiated with a value (true/false).

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facepalm. You wouldn't believe how long I've looked at that code for. – Chris Covert Dec 5 '11 at 7:32
you're welcome :) – mrohnstock Dec 5 '11 at 7:34

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