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I have 4 textview such as t11,t12,t13,t14 and I have also 4 value in array val[4].

I want to store these values randomly in textviews. but I am getting little problem.

I have done following code:

  TextView t11,t12,t13,t14;
  Random r = new Random();

  for (int i = 0; i < val.length; i++) {
        int val[4]=r.nextInt(10);
        Log.d("horror", "Randm Array of VAL:" +val[i]);

In the Log,there are 4 values displayed but how to display them in textviews.

I have coded but it does not work properly.

  t1[i+1].setText("" +val[i]);

and In this case,values are properly displayed, but i want to do code optimization.

  t11.setText("" +val[0]); 
  t12.setText("" +val[1]); 
  t13.setText("" +val[2]);
  t14.setText("" +val[3]);

Thanks in advance.

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you can store their references inside an array , it won't create new objects. so this should do the job

  TextView [] textviews = {t11,t12,t13,t14};
    for(int i =0;i<textviews.length;++i){
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Every time you loop in for, you create another integer array. Take the definition of val out of the for loop.

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For your TextView use something like,

TextView [] tv = {t11,t12,t13,t14};

and use tv for other going stuff... So now, you can getting it work by,

tv[i+1].setText("" +val[i]);
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