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I current have a bare repo thats acts as a central repo for my team. The bare repo currently only have a branch "master". How can I create more branches on the bare repo?

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Usually you don't create branches directly in the bare repository, but you push branches from one work repository to the bare

git push origin myBranch

Update: Worth to mention

Like Paul Pladijs mentioned in the comments with

git push origin localBranchName:remoteBranchName

you push (and create, if not exists) your local branch to the remote with a different branch name, that your local one. And to make it complete with

git push origin :remoteBranchName

you delete a remote branch.

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If you want to give the branch another name then use: git push origin localBranchName:remoteBranchName –  Paul Pladijs Dec 5 '11 at 15:11

To create a new branch (locally) called branchname

git branch brachname

Then to sync it with the remote repository like github (if applicable)

git push origin branchname

And to use it for development / make the branch the active branch

git checkout branchname
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In a bare repository this results in an error: fatal: not a valid object name: 'master'. –  Ed Randall Mar 10 at 14:05

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