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                mDests[i], mServiceCenter, messages,
                sentIntents, deliveryIntents);

In my SmsReceiver (sentIntents) sometimes I receive getResultCode() = 0.

According to the documentation:

It means STATUS_ON_ICC_FREE. But I can't understand what it is. When it is returned - SMS are not sent.

What does this mean and how to fix it? What is the reason for STATUS_ON_ICC_FREE?

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Good question :\. This website lists a sample:… which catches that return value. ICC is your SIM-card, and what they do when they catch that message is remove something from the SIM. Maybe the SIM-card is full? (even their reference to TS 51.011 10.5.3 doesn't actually answer any questions ...) – Yuri Dec 5 '11 at 8:56
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You're just comparing result code to the wrong constant. SmsManager.sendMultipartTextMessage Javadoc clearly states about the possible values returned by the getResultCode() in the sentIntents broadcast:

The result code will be Activity.RESULT_OK for success, or one of these errors:

In my opinion STATUS_ON_ICC_xxx constants were added to the public API by mistake since they are used only by hidden methods of the SmsManager class: copyMessageToIcc, deleteMessageFromIcc etc.


However this doesn't explain why do you receive 0 from getResultCode(). As neither of these constant is equal to zero (Activity.RESULT_CANCEL = 0 but there is no mention of it in the SmsManager javadoc). Quick search through Android Sources also doesn't give any clue were 0 could come from.

One possibility could be that some other application catch the sentIntent broadcast and call setResultCode explicitly. However I was sure up to now that it's impossible in Android to prevent the SMS from being sent at the application level.

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The javadoc says Free space (TS 51.011 10.5.3 / 3GPP2 C.S0023 3.4.27).. The 3GPP2 specifications say 3GPP2 C.S0023 3.4.27 status

I don't know anything about SMS, but from what I understand, this "free space" is opposed to the "used space" (xx1 that actually defines statuses such as 001 received & read ; 011 receveid & to be read ; etc.)

I would says this status does not mean anything...

In the Android code, I have found only one reference to STATUS_ON_ICC_FREE: deleteMessageFromIcc() updates the message with this status when the message has successfully been deleted from the SIM card (aka ICC)

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You write that you use the following to send a text:
smsManager.sendTextMessage(destination, null, message, null, null);

Why are you not using the sentIntent parameter which can tell you if your message was accepted by the network?

From the documentation:

sentIntent if not NULL this PendingIntent is broadcast when the message is successfully sent, or failed. The result code will be Activity.RESULT_OK for success, or one of these errors:



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