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INSERT INTO myTable (SELECT 2, mem_type_actor ('Phillip D'Onofrio ,Val Kilmer') FROM DUAL)

I want to insert into myTable these records but because of the quotes of D'Onofrio I get the error:

ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis

How can I fix it ?

I edit my question:

Infact I don't take records like that, I have these sql codes:

 M_TERMS=Rocky,Carroll ; Chris,O'Donnell ; Daniela,Ruah ;
 M_STR:=REPLACE(REPLACE(''''||M_TERMS||'''',',',' '),';',','); 
 M_SQL:='INSERT INTO myTable (SELECT '||M_ID||' , mem_type_actor ('||M_STR||') FROM DUAL)';

So when a record is like that O'Donnell , ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis occurs

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You should use

    (SELECT 2, mem_type_actor ('Phillip D''Onofrio ,Val Kilmer') FROM DUAL)

using two single quotes in place of one inside string.

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Use two single quote signs: D''Onofrio.

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