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sorry if my question isn't clearly. i've a firewall to detect all connections. When i've a connection from A to B,we receive many packet sending between A and B.and if we make a connect from B to A,we also receive the result is the same A->B. i don't know how to check each packet is belong the connection that A created or B created. i've captured IP header,tcp/udp header,but i don't know what's the field that cans check it. Thanks so much. regards,

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The sequence number field is what you need.

struct tcphdr {
    unsigned short  th_sport;   /* source port */
    unsigned short  th_dport;   /* destination port */
    tcp_seq th_seq;         /* sequence number */
    tcp_seq th_ack;         /* acknowledgement number */
    packet A -> B

    A [th_seq=1] -> B
    B [th_seq=2, th_ack=1] -> A
    A [th_seq=3, th_ack=2] -> B
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