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During Hive COnfiguration, when I enter hive-dir-path$ bin/hive, I get the error as: Missing Hive Builtins Jar.


After successfully building the package through ant, when I try for the launching Hive CLI from Hive directory. I am getting "Missing Hive Builtins Jar: /home/hadoop/hive-0.7.1/hive/lib/hive-builtins-*.jar"

What could be the problem in configuration? Pls suggest me as soon as possible.

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Can you post the way you configured Hive ? Show the .bash_profile or .bashrc file. –  Debaditya Jan 23 '12 at 12:08

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I can suggest you the steps that I followed in configuring Hive

  1. Installed hive-0.7.1-cdh3u1 from Cloudera Repository

  2. Added these 2 lines in .bash_profile

    export HIVE_HOME=/home/hadoop/Desktop/Cloudera/hive-0.7.1-cdh3u1

    export PATH=$PATH:$HIVE_HOME/bin

[HIVE_HOME = Path where hive is installed ]

[optional : Running Hive CLI directly without entering the bin folder]

3.Save the file and type source ~/.bash_profile

In my opinion, all jars are available in lib directory. But as you are facing "Missing jars...", you can download those jars.

Still, hive-0.7.1-cdh3u1 version has all jars in its lib directory.

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I got that error once when trying to execute Hive in the bin/ directory. Unless you changed it, Ant might have built Hive in the build/dist/bin directory. The jar files are downloaded to build/dist/lib directory. This might be why you get a library not found error, even though you got a successful build.

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