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I come from a C# background where I usually re-raise exceptions with the original exception contained inside the parent exception. Is a similar concept available in Ruby? How do I detect and raise an exception while maintaining the context of the lower level exception?

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Take a look at the tricks from the talk Exceptional Ruby by Avdi Grimm:

class MyError < StandardError
  attr_reader :original
  def initialize(msg, original=nil);
    @original = original;
# ...
rescue => error
  raise"Error B", error)
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You don't have to include msg as an argument in do super(msg). If you do raise MyError(error), 'some message' with those changes, 'some message' will get passed as an implicit argument. – daremkd Oct 2 '14 at 17:59

You may extend StandardError:

class StandardError
   attr_accessor :original

and when you raise an exception, just set this property:

def reraise ex, original
   ex.original = original
   raise ex

rescue StandardError => e
   reraise'Message'), e

With this approach you will be able to raise standard ruby errors and set parent error for them, not only your custom errors.

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Ruby 2.1 is adding Exception#cause feature to solve this problem.

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