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I am trying to read data from a serial port in the below given opencv link, I have no problem with sending bytes. Everything works fine. There is a problem when i receive bytes. Every time a read a byte from ttymxc0 something happens and the byte is not only read for the first time it is sending some junk data but after pressing the the two enter keys it is able to read the data correctly but my concern to read the data without pressing any enter keys in the beginning only.


So could any body provide sme corrected code to get rid of this annoying serial port read problem,

Am new to this android applications development,

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I am not sure what do you mean by "after pressing the two enter keys". You should post some code snippets from your projects and I'll try to help you. –  Ovidiu Latcu Dec 5 '11 at 10:53

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"Android-SerialPort" application works straight forward without any modification, I am not sure what you mean by two key presses required for receiving data. Can you paste code snippet, it is hard to reply to such questions.

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