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  • What are the ways to tell SubSonic about the relationship (only foreign keys? Or other methods too)?
  • If I have (for example) a team object with related team members

    ** how do I access and update the team members from the team

    ** how do I update the team members? Does saving the team object saves the team members changes

    ** How do I add members to the team? Do I just create a new member, assign the team ID to the foreign key and save? Or is there a more object oriented way (e.g. team.Add(teamMember))

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Subsonic code generation will read the foreign key relationships in the tables and create the required helper methods in the table classes. The Northwind Product class has a PrimaryKey relationship to the OrderDetail class. Subsonic generates the method

public Northwind.OrderDetailCollection OrderDetails()

to get the OrderDetail rows as an OrderDetailCollection. This is a BindingList that you can change as needed, and call SaveAll() to save the list. There is no deep saving, so saving the Product won't save related OrderDetail rows.

public void Demo_Product_OrderDetails()
    Product product = new Product(3); // Read an existing row.
    OrderDetailCollection orderDetails = product.OrderDetails();
    Assert.IsTrue(orderDetails.Count == 12);
    foreach(OrderDetail orderDetail in orderDetails)
        orderDetail.Discount -= 0; // Do something meaningful.
    OrderDetail newDetail = new OrderDetail();
    newDetail.ProductID = 3;
    newDetail.OrderID = 10248;
    newDetail.UnitPrice = 7.00m;
    newDetail.Discount = 0.10f;
    newDetail.Quantity = 12;

    orderDetails = product.OrderDetails();
    Assert.IsTrue(orderDetails.Count == 13);


    orderDetails = product.OrderDetails();
    Assert.IsTrue(orderDetails.Count == 12);

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Is foreign key relationships the only way to do this in SubSonic? Any naming conventions? –  BuddyJoe Aug 4 '09 at 21:25

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