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I have a webpage http://www.replyonline.co.uk/DirectionGroup/xmas/, and I'm trying to add <a href="...">...</a> to some text within one of the of popups.

If you click the first red square, there's an email address there which is what I would like to hyperlink. If I attempt to hyperlink it using HTML, it completely breaks the site apart.

I think it could have to do with the JavaScript starting on line 235.

I add HTML within the Image popup by using this:

 // opens one image item (fullscreen)
loadImgPreview = function( $item, callback ) {  
    var largeSrc    = $item.children('img').data('largesrc'),
    description     = $item.children('span').html(),
    largeImageData  = {
            src         : largeSrc,
            description : description

Notice the .html() within this, i think this enables HTML within Image popups.

Not really knowing JavaScript, I am a bit lost with it.

Help appreciated, thanks.

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What do you mean "completely breaks the site apart"? Just change the text email@domain.com to: <a href="mailto:email@domain.com">email@domain.com</a> and it should work just fine.. –  Shadow Wizard Dec 5 '11 at 11:17
Please refresh the site again. Adding the <a href="... killed it. replyonline.co.uk/DirectionGroup/xmas –  Tim Dec 5 '11 at 11:29
It looks like you're surrounding everything in a anchors, which is bad practice for this exact reason. I would suggest changing the surrounding anchor with a span or div. –  Ryan Amies Dec 5 '11 at 11:31
Instead of <a href="#" class="ib-content"> put <div class="ib-content"> and also change the closing </a> to </div>. –  Shadow Wizard Dec 5 '11 at 11:33
How did you hyperlinked the email address? Like this? <a href="mailto:gingerbreadman@directiongroup.com">gingerbreadman@directiongroup.co‌​m</a> It works for me, I don't know how it breaks, can you enable that 'error' it for a while? –  I.G. Pascual Dec 5 '11 at 12:03

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First, you have many HTML validation errors in your page for the defined, which is <!DOCTYPE html> (HTML 5), be aware of them.

HTML 5 allows both inline elements and block elements (suchs as div) inside anchors, but it doesn't allow another anchor inside, and it shows up as an error to your navigator.

Second, navigators automatically fix those errors, so when you add the email link inside the anchor it gets automatically corrected by adding an anchor close tag (</a>) before you expect. That explains the mess.

As you're using jQuery to load your items, $ibItems.bind('click.ibTemplate', function( event ) {..., my suggestion is to change those anchors <a class="ib-whatever"> to:

<div class="ib-whatever">

and jQuery call from $ibItems = $ibWrapper.find('div.ib-main > a') to:

$ibItems = $ibWrapper.find('div.ib-main > div')

Also change style.css line 78 from .ib-main a { to:

.ib-main .ib-image, .ib-main .ib-content {

and you'll be working on the right direction.

Hope it helps.

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If you're site breaks apart when you create the link in the HTML then its going to break apart when you do it in Javascript. The DOM will be no different.

The .html() function in jQuery does not enable html or some such, it is an accessor/mutator for the HTML of an object. What description = $item.children('span').html() is doing is getting the HTML of the selected element, not enabling or disabling any sort of functionality. See the jQuery API for more info on html().

As for your problem, I would suggest looking into why exactly the site breaks down when you insert the link via plain HTML.

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