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Android: I want to shake it!
How to use Accelerometer to measure distance for Android Application Development
How to Implement SensorListener?

If Device is not Shaking at that time the Alertdialog is Displayed so how to get the device is shaking or not?

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Use this code for check device is shake or not

// Need to implement SensorListener

public class ShakeActivity extends Activity implements SensorListener {
    // For shake motion detection.
    private SensorManager sensorMgr;
    private long lastUpdate = -1;
    private float x, y, z;
    private float last_x, last_y, last_z;
    private static final int SHAKE_THRESHOLD = 800;

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        ...... // other initializations
    // start motion detection
    sensorMgr = (SensorManager) getSystemService(SENSOR_SERVICE);
    boolean accelSupported = sensorMgr.registerListener(this,

    if (!accelSupported) {
        // on accelerometer on this device

    protected void onPause() {
    if (sensorMgr != null) {
        sensorMgr = null;

    public void onAccuracyChanged(int arg0, int arg1) {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub

    public void onSensorChanged(int sensor, float[] values) {
    if (sensor == SensorManager.SENSOR_ACCELEROMETER) {
        long curTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
        // only allow one update every 100ms.
        if ((curTime - lastUpdate) > 100) {
        long diffTime = (curTime - lastUpdate);
        lastUpdate = curTime;

        x = values[SensorManager.DATA_X];
        y = values[SensorManager.DATA_Y];
        z = values[SensorManager.DATA_Z];

        float speed = Math.abs(x+y+z - last_x - last_y - last_z)
                              / diffTime * 10000;
        if (speed > SHAKE_THRESHOLD) {
            // yes, this is a shake action! Do something about it!
                // if device is shake with threshold then this condition become true..
                // you can put your code here... 
        last_x = x;
        last_y = y;
        last_z = z;
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