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I have a page and I want to log exception in database if an error occurs on the page1.aspx at button click or page load etc. There are 2 ways

  1. Log exception using global.asax Application_Error event, but this will not show a user friendly message on the page1.aspx instead it will redirect to custom error page.
  2. Log exception at the page level i.e. Page_Error , but here I have to write code in Page_Error event on each page.

So my question is how to display user friendly message on the page1.aspx itself and loging error in global.asax Application_Error without redirecting to custom page/leaving the page1.aspx.

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I believe you can do this using httpModules. The link below will show you how you can write to a text file. Writing to a database wouldn't be so different.

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If you haven't used HttpModules before, you may want to take an alternate approach.

Create a subclass of MasterPage, calling it something like BaseMasterPage. (or if you are not using a MasterPage, use Page).

Instead of your MasterPage code behind inheriting from MasterPage

public partial class MasterPage : System.Web.UI.MasterPage

Inherit the subclass

public partial class MasterPage : BaseMasterPage

And place your error handling code in the BaseMasterPage.

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